No-No List

Our products are made without any fluff - no artificial or natural added flavors, colors or preservatives. We keep it simple and truly natural.

One of the reasons we recommend that when you buy the eco friendly pouches you either store them in the fridge or empty out in a glass jar. 

Our seasonings are made without refined salts or sugars, you will never find ingredients like acids, added sulfates, preservatives, bulking agents, complex ingredients. Like I said we keeps it simple. 

Often ingredients are sun dried, and to make them human safe they are treated with Ethylene Oxide an colorless gas - a common practice in India, while banned in the European Union. We refrain from indulging in such practices, if we have to sterilize we use good old simple steam. 

We will write more on this topic, in due time. Follow us on our instagram page - we plan to do a series of food authenticity, safety and our journey.